Use Me Lord!

This past weekend my church held their biggest event of the year, our annual missions conference. We have missionaries that we support travel from all over the world to attend this conference so that they can share what they have been doing and be encouraged before they head back to the field. Our theme this year was the Adventurers and that living for Christ and doing His work is a great adventure.

I am always encouraged by the testimonies that our missionaries give and am grateful that they are honest with us. Being a missionary is hard work. The one lady I spoke to lives in a mud hut in Mozambique that has no floor, she and her husband are busy turning the language spoken there into a written language so that they can give the locals the Word of God. This is a huge task as they had to go and learn a language that hasn’t been written, they then had to find an alphabet that fits that language and after they had done all that they not only had to translate the Bible but they had to teach the locals their own language. To me that sounds like an almost impossible task but this family took the challenge.

I look at this missionary family and others like them and wonder “If God asked me to do this, would I obey and follow Him?” I love doing missions work, I love volunteering regularly, I am moved and saddened by the amount of orphans and widows, homeless and hungry people, people who haven’t heard the gospel because no one has gone to them and shared with them. I find myself wondering what I am supposed to do.

I am often scared to pray the words “Use me Lord” for fear of what He may ask me to do. I am often not ready to deny myself and give up what I have in order to do His work. I don’t know what God has planned for my life but I am challenged to not try mould it into my own ideas. I am ready to start praying that God will use me and then see what opportunities arise. Maybe he wants me to stay right where I am and minister to those around me, maybe he wants me to take it a step further and move somewhere else inside my country to share with other South Africans, maybe he wants me to leave South Africa and go minister in another country, maybe he even wants me to go to an unreached place with an unwritten language. All I know is that the Bible instructs me to share the gospel. I’ll continue praying the words “Use me Lord” and see how He wants to do that.

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