I am tired. But it is a good thing!

I am tired On Friday I finished BBISA and in the last week of school I was up late finishing projects and assignments that needed to be done. As soon as I walked out of class, I climbed into a bus and left for Kids’ Camp. It ran from Friday afternoon until Saturday afternoon. I […]

Summer Camp 2014

It was my turn in the circle of thirty-something to introduce myself, “Hello, my name is AJ, I am from Sandton Bible Church and one interesting fact about me is that I play the flute.” “Hi AJ,” the thirty-something enthusiastic teenagers and young adults replied. I remember thinking “If I had ever gone to pre-school, […]

You Can Change The World

Read this article: Samantha and Savannah age 18 raised 22000 to fight hunger I am 16 years old. I know that I have not spent the four years of teen life that I’ve had in the best way I possibly could. Samantha and Savannah are only 2 years older than me and they raised over […]