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  • The Martha Complex

    This term at Bible School I am taking a course called Hermeneutics. It’s quite a fancy name and sounds really cool when you tell people “I’m taking a course in Hermeneutics,” but in reality, it is merely a course equipping a person in how to study the Bible. It’s a handy course to start the […]

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  • Doing a Quiet Time – Challenge

    I have asked you to make the decision to do a quiet time, showed you a method on how to do it, asked you to apply what you read and showed you a method on prayer. I would like to help you with one final step: a challenge to actually carry out your decision. For most people it takes a month to […]

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  • Doing a Quiet Time – Prayer

    After making the decision to do a quiet time, learning the basics on how to do one and learning how to find an application we now get to prayer. Often when I pray I find myself spending 97% of the time praying for myself and my friends and 3% the other important things like praising God, confessing my sins and being […]

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  • Doing a Quiet Time – Application

    Now that I’ve written about setting a New Year’s Resolution and knowing the basics on how to do a quiet time I would like to dig deeper into applying your daily scripture reading. “But be doers of the word and not just hearers only, deceiving yourselves” – James 1:22 Many times I have caught myself […]

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  • Doing a Quiet Time – How?

    Now that you have a New Year’s Resolution to do a daily quiet time you may be wondering how to actually do one. I have put together some tips on having an effective quiet time. An easy way to remember how to complete your daily quiet time is SOAP Scripture Observation Application Prayer Scripture Scripture in […]

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  • Doing a Quiet Time – New Year’s Resolution

    On January 1st every year most people make New Years Resolutions that are generally goals to better themselves. Losing weight, learning a new skill, getting better grades etc. This year I encourage you to set a goal that should be carried out daily and is recommended for all Christians. Having a quiet time. A quiet […]