Perseverance Towards Results

AJWritingAs I write this I am giving my hands a break from writing with a pen. I just completed my fourth draft of an important essay for English. I am working in a coffee shop (one of the many benefits of being homeschooled) and as I was writing my waiter struck up a conversation with me. He apologised for disturbing me but explained that he wanted to ask me about my studies. He too had been a Cambridge student several years ago and had completed his Ordinary Levels (O Levels) in Zimbabwe. He said it was difficult, but he passed and he was still hoping to use his qualifications one day.

This man now works in a coffee shop where I have seen many people treat him as “just a waiter” when in reality he is a person; just like me. Not only is he a person but he is a hardworking one. He explained to me that recently he has been attempting to further his studies but unfortunately he failed his last exam. He isn’t disheartened by this and smiled as he told me that once he can afford it, he will try again and make sure he passes. He is persevering until he can get the right results.

Once he had finished speaking to me, I looked back down at my essay – which had previously frustrated me because I couldn’t get it right – and gained a new perspective. I am so blessed to have the resources I do and the ability to take exams without the pressure of such limited finances or time because I don’t have a full time job and my parents are still paying for my education. My day is devoted to learning and studying and I have access to tutors and books which make my life so much easier. This essay that I am writing may be hard but I have the time to work at it and make sure it is acceptable enough to submit to my tutor.

This man inspired to work hard so that I can get good result. He also made me realise that I need to be thankful for just how blessed I am for this opportunity. It is time for me to persevere towards the best results.

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