Open and Closed Doors

“When God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window” – Maria, The Sound of Music

Have you ever heard that expression “Lord, if this right for me, please open the door, and if it is wrong please close the door”. I have heard it used often in prayers, I am pretty sure that I have used it myself. Recently, however, I was reading a book and got a new perspective on this idea. This book was fictional but it made me think quite hard.

There is a scene, where the main character Katie has made the decision to become a Resident Assistant at her college campus. She accepts the position and then quickly makes this statement: “I guess I should say that even though I know this is what I want to do, if God closes the door, then, well… I’ll understand.” (Peculiar Treasures, Robin Jones Gunn)

Her counsellor, Julia, listens to her and then explains that God doesn’t only use open and closed doors. Julia demonstrates her point by telling Katie that she wants to tell her something… and then leaving; Katie, for obvious reasons, follows, until Julia says “That’s it”.

What Julia was trying to demonstrate is this: God doesn’t only use open and closed doors to tell us where we need to go in life, Instead he wants us to follow Him and get to know Him better and by doing this we will know exactly what He has planned for us and what His Will is.

I recently heard someone say “If God closed every door except the one He wanted you to go through, there would be no free will. There would also be no need to read the Bible or to pray or to follow God closely. Instead, God opens lots of doors and asks you to remain close to Him so that you know which one He desires you to walk through.”

Sometimes we go through the most attractive looking door, sometimes we think a door is closed when in reality God just wants us to wait for a while. I am learning more and more that I need to simply know God and through His strength become more like Christ, when that happens then doing His Will will come naturally. A lot of doing God’s Will is simply doing what He says we must do in the Bible. We like to focus on the things that we must not do, but the things that we must do are equally important. If we do obey, we will already be in His Will and we will quickly see how He uses us individually to fulfil His divine purpose. We will then see what He has planned for us specifically and realise that it is so much more than we could have ever hoped for, so much more than open and closed doors!


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