One Step At A Time

“So what are your plans for after school?”

I don’t think I am the only teenager/high school student that gets asked this question a lot. Everyone from my aunt and grandmother to the teacher who lives next door to the random stranger I start talking to on the plane asks me this question. From age twelve, up until six months ago I could have told them exactly what I would study and become once I had finished my high school career. The answer looked something like this “I want to get a Bachelor of Music (four year degree) in music performance and then become a travelling music tutor” I had life pretty much figured out and even if it didn’t please everyone, I knew it would please me.

“I hope you plan on marrying a rich husband”

The fact that I wanted to get an arts degree did not sit well with many because I would not live the typical, worldly “good life” of an accountant, lawyer, doctor etc. Therefore my only hope was to marry some rich guy and still do what I wanted to but have the money I “needed” to live a happy life. This statement was said to me many times and it upset me greatly. I would be so much happier to live with the bare necessities trusting the Lord for my next meal than I would outside of His plan and with a lot of money (if it was in the Lord’s plan for me to be rich then I would be happy there too). I want to do what I am good at and enjoy, to marry someone I love regardless of his status and I know I will be happy. An arts degree will suit me fine.

An unhappy control freak

I went on a missions trip called SMASH (Students Ministering And Serving Him) recently where I felt the need to entrust my future plans to God and not hold on too tightly to what I had already decided. This was (and at times still is) hard for me as I like to be in control. I came home and told my mom that I might not want to be a musician any more and explained the scenario. She said that beyond a gap year that we both knew I should still have, she also felt that we didn’t have to worry or plan too much. Both my mom and I have a tendency to be “Control Freaks” and so it wasn’t easy to stop trying to be in control but once we did I really felt at peace.

“I have no clue”

“So what are your plan’s for after school?” “I have no clue” and I’m ok with that. It’s nice to dream, to look at options that I had never considered, to play with ideas that are a little scary but to know that no matter what happens, my God will take care of me and will write a better story than I ever could. For now I will finish school. My next hurdle is to take a year of studying God’s Word. Hopefully by then I’ll know the next step that God has planned for me. My plan is to just follow him and take life one step at a time.

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