Non-Related Brothers

Some friends and I on Table Mountain

I am the oldest of four children. There is a four year gap between me and my first sister (Jessica), a 14 year gap between my brother (Boy) and I and a 16 years gap my other sister (Cadence) and I. There is a 10 year gap between the two “sets” of children which is not very common.

Growing up I had always wished that I had a brother, in particular an older one. I knew that gaining an older brother was impossible so I would settle for a brother in general. I was 12 years old when I got my first “Non-Related Brother.” He is 7 years older than me and we have grown closer as time goes on. When I was 15 he moved closer to me and became part of regular family life in my home, often visiting us weekly.

Boy and I playing

From the time I was twelve till now I have gained more “Non-Related Brothers” who range from 3 years younger than me to 7 years older than me. These boys tend to be the ones to make me laugh when I am down, tease me and sometimes annoy me. I got my own biological brother when I was 14 and I was thrilled. He and I get along amazingly and the good thing is that he has several teenage and young adult boys to play with and look up to

I am truly blessed to have friends like these and yes I have really good girl-friends too. I know that these people will always stick up for me and perk me up when I need a laugh. I know that they will continue to give me the biggest frights and challenge me to do stupid things like stuff 23 marshmallows in my mouth (I managed 16) they are my brothers and I honestly love them as such.

One of my favourite parts about these relationships is how they encourage me to draw closer to God. The older boys (and girls) will tell me when they believe I am doing something that isn’t on God’s track, all of them will have conversations about God’s word with me and we will ask each other hard questions like “Why haven’t you been reading God’s word” and “Why aren’t you sharing the gospel at school?

Me and a “Non-Related Brother”

You can develop friendships that will stay with you forever. I urge you to find your own “Non-Related Siblings” as they are a good thing to possess. I am a huge believer in having really good friendships when you’re young with both genders. You will discover how different you are and learn to love them in the way God expects. Develop healthy relationships that will last a long time with people who will encourage you towards the Lord, who will pray for you and will be honest with you when they think you are “out of line”

(P.S. I have many godly girl friends and “Non-Related Sisters”, the reason I focused on brothers in this post was to share my view on relationships with other genders.)

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