May 2014 Update on my life

A picture of me from December 2013, I don’t actually have braces any longer ūüėÄ

The clock seems to be ticking a lot faster than it used to at this stage in my life (although recently one of my clocks broke and it stayed on 2:45 for a really long time, how I wish life had stopped with it!). With each passing day I am getting closer and closer to being “grown up” when really I’d be quite content to stay a teenager for much longer.¬†Looking over my blog I realise that I have only posted 12 articles in 2014, most of which I posted in January. I had to update my¬†About Me¬†page because I am no longer 16 after I had my birthday in March and my sister is no longer 12 after she had her birthday in February. I also had to add a new contact because I have a¬†Facebook Page¬†now. So to begin this post I’d like to apologise for being so inactive recently and for not keeping you up to date with what is happening in my life at the moment.



I cannot believe it is May already, in 6 months time I finish my exams and am finished my AS Levels. I am working hard on my schoolwork at the moment as I would really like to do well this year. I would really appreciate prayers at this time in my life for me to finish my school work by September, start exams on 6 October and finish on 13 November. I have been asked a lot recently what I am going to be doing next year. I have a few more decisions to make before that will be confirmed but as soon as I am certain then I will let you all know. In the meantime you can pray that all goes well in deciding and that I will make the right choices.


I have had to make some hard decisions about ministry this year. I will be unable to attend SMASH (Students Ministering And Serving Him, an annual short term missions trip that I attended in 2012 and 2013. You can read more about it in the blog post My week at SMASH. Because it is being held over my exam period. I did however attend a church Family Retreat and a WOLZA (Word of Life South Africa) Ministry Training Camp called Battlezone in March.

Jabu setting up our Battle Zone banner
Setting up our Battle Zone banner

I have been very involved in my church youth group ALIVE (All Living In Victory Eternally). This weekend we are holding a missions conference at my church and the youth are doing a short skit, there is a ladies conference at WOLZA in June, a Holiday Bible Club in July and I am working towards earning a scholarship to WOLZA Summer Camp (you can read about last year’s summer camp in the blog post¬†Summer Camp 2013). That is all I have planned for now but hopefully some more things will come up for me to be involved in.


They are getting so big!

Jessica is now a teenager and working hard on her final year of primary school.3842_10151912715615404_1716540830_nShe too is starting to get very involved with work at church and has been serving others throughout her year by writing letters, looking after children, visitations, doing gospel presentations and she even helped my mom with first aid when someone we knew burned their foot at the beginning of the year.

Cael is thriving as he spends most of his time drawing, playing with his baby sister… and getting very dirty!

923503_10151906824360404_211223864_nIt’s amazing to see how much he learns from us, and if we pay attention, we learn a whole lot from him (Lessons From a 3 Year Old). He is such a happy little boy and very helpful. He is protective over his baby sister and likes to play with her at any given opportunity. Although he is very young he is learning to pray and read his bible with¬†Mom,¬†Dad and his older sisters and we often hear him sing “Read your Bible, pray every day, and you’ll grow, grow, grow” to Cadence while he helps her clean up toys or pushes her in the swing.

Cadence the baby of the family and our little princess.

1794797_262855527217595_178030473_nShe is not always as clean as she looks here, and loves to play in the sand with her big brother! She is trying to talk and her favourite word is “Daddy”, she can crawl and stand by herself and is learning to walk. She enjoys socialising and greets everyone around her with a friendly “Hello!” and a big smile. She may be the baby but she likes to make herself known, give her long opinion in gurgles and knows there are always 5+ people ready and waiting to cuddle.

Denying Self

I learn more every day that this is a very hard thing to do. It is difficult to give up selfish desires and to start serving God and others. It is difficult to think of yourself less and others more (especially in a family situation, it’s easier when you’re out and don’t have to do it all the time). I mess up at it every day but I try to ask for forgiveness soon afterwards and try again. It is not an easy task and I seem to mess up more than I succeed. I am grateful however for a forgiving God, a forgiving family and forgiving friends who are always there to help me back onto my feet when I fall and help me to carry on. There are lines from a song called Get Up by Superchick “I’m not afraid to fall, it means I’ve climbed up high, to fall is not to fail, you fail when you don’t try. If I get up I might fall back down again, so let’s get up come on.¬†If I get up I might fall back down again, but we get up anyway. We’ll just jump and see, even if it’s the twentieth time, we’ll just jump and see if we can fly.” I find these words encouraging. Just like an ice skater that spends hours practicing and falling to get her jump right, I have to practice having a deniedself attitude; I’ll fall, but I get up anyway so that one day I will start getting it right. Some days are easier than others, I just need to take up my cross daily and travel down the road that God has planned for me, knowing it will be an amazing journey.

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