Holiday Bible Club 2014

On Friday 4 July I completed my 14th Holiday Bible Club in 5 years as a leader. These weeks of focused time with children is probably the type of ministry I enjoy the most (well I have done 14 of them) even though they take such a large amount of work. I hope you will begin to understand why as you read this post.

The Boys

This was my second time helping out with an HBC at my current church, Sandton Bible Church (SBC). It was also my second time in a row leading the grade one boys. When they told me on Saturday that I would head up this group of boys I was thrilled, I thought I had this down as it is my favourite group to lead. I had my best friend Alyssa to help me out for the week and we were gonna have very little challenge – well I was wrong. Last year I had 5 boys: Eden, Jesse, Cameron, Aidan and Theo all of whom were relatively calm and listened well. This year I had 10 boys: Eden (he’s not yet in grade one but has been around for a while), Bongi, Kei, Nathan, Cayle, Sebastian, Lowan, Rhys, Luke and Dublin. I was backstage when they arrived, waiting to act in the drama we put on daily for the kids and so when Alyssa slipped back there to inform me that so many had arrived, I got a fright. 10 boys! Well I wasn’t so confident anymore.

From left to right: Luke, (Alyssa), Kei, Rhys, Bongi, Lowen, Dublin, Sebs, Cayle, Eden and Nathan – unfortunately I am not featured in this group pic because I had to do a drama practice.

We may have had a few challenges with keeping 20 little legs still, ears listening and eyes on me that week but it was an exciting adventure. Sure we had some difficulties, like the kid who didn’t look where he was going and kept walking into walls, or the two little boys who kept tackling each other, oh and that one little guy who gave such fierce hugs that he almost pushed us over several times, but we loved them so much and they kept us smiling. God helped Alyssa and I throughout the week and we learnt to rely on him fully sometimes just meeting for a few minutes, either by ourselves or with people that we trust, to pray and ask God for strength, patience with and even joy in these boys. By the end of the week all of them had become Christians and I was so proud of them and their ability to repeat the Gospel back to me if I asked at random, and with such enthusiasm too.

Back to the Beginning

We focused on Back to the Beginning in our lessons at HBC this year. I learnt about as much as I taught about the evidence we have as Creationists vs. Evolutionists, Adam and Eve, Dinosaurs and God’s plan from the beginning of time. The theme was fun, exciting and educational for all involved (and I think the leaders were as fascinated as the kids by the subject).


Garth (one of SBC’s pastors) plans and sets up HBC annually and has a brilliant system where everything (except games) throughout the day is a reminder of the lesson. That way it’s firmly established in their minds by the end of the day and I’m amazed at how much even the little kids are able to retain. The drama is one of the biggest parts of that because it gives the children the lesson in a visual way. I was involved daily in it this year and while it was very hard work I thoroughly enjoyed it (again I was thankful for Alyssa who took full responsibility for meeting parents, keeping kids under control and keeping things running at the beginning and end of the day while I was backstage in full costume). My name was Sara and in the play I was the only Christian trying to convince everyone around me that Evolution was not science or fact. It was definitely a lot of fun and I would love to do it again next year!

Four of us trying to escape the evil guys Dr. Evilution and Dawkins but being tied up instead (I’m third from the left)

Overall it was an amazing time and I can’t wait to do it all again next year.

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