Doing a Quiet Time – Challenge

I have asked you to make the decision to do a quiet time, showed you a method on how to do it, asked you to apply what you read and showed you a method on prayer. I would like to help you with one final step: a challenge to actually carry out your decision.

For most people it takes a month to form a habit and so I am running the 30 Day Quiet Time Challenge. Simply share with someone for the next 30 days what you got out of your quiet time. 

How to set up your challenge:

  1. Choose a specific book of the Bible to read a section or chapter of daily
  2. Choose/buy a journal to make notes in
  3. If you would like other people to see what you have learned (this can be very encouraging) then choose a network to share something from your quiet time. Your blog, Facebook or Twitter (#30DayQT)
  4. Choose a friend or family member who will either ask you about your Quiet Time every day or will check your posts to make sure you are sticking to your challenge. I recommend that you make a deal to check up on each other.

Example of what to post: I get to choose the path of wisdom or of foolishness. I need to choose what is right (Proverbs 14:1-12) #30DayQT


I hope to see some #30DayQT posts on Facebook and Twitter soon. I will post under the same hashtag under my Denied Self Twitter Account

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