I Feel Like I Am Talking to Myself…

I was sitting in a room with roughly 50 other girls with ages ranged from about 18-22 and the lady leading our Bible study asked us, “How many of you would feel like you are good at praying consistently?”. About 5 of those hands went up, and mine wasn’t one of them. I really struggle […]

Open and Closed Doors

“When God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window” – Maria, The Sound of Music Have you ever heard that expression “Lord, if this right for me, please open the door, and if it is wrong please close the door”. I have heard it used often in prayers, I am pretty sure that I […]

Longing for Egypt

Throughout the Bible we read about a specific group of people. The group of people that God chose as His own. Their name? The Israelites. Now I don’t know about you but often I find myself completely frustrated with the Israelites as I read stories about them. “Don’t you get it?” I want to yell, “God […]

The Martha Complex

This term at Bible School I am taking a course called Hermeneutics. It’s quite a fancy name and sounds really cool when you tell people “I’m taking a course in Hermeneutics,” but in reality, it is merely a course equipping a person in how to study the Bible. It’s a handy course to start the […]

YOLO – You Only Live Once

“You only live once, you don’t get another shot at life so (insert statement here)” The acronym YOLO irritated me for a very long time. Whenever I saw it being used this was the typical idea that was given “You only live once, you don’t get another shot at life so do what you like […]

Battle Scars

When I was fourteen years old around the 20th of March 2011 (I don’t remember the exact date) I went for my weekly horse riding lesson. Little did I know that this particular lesson would change my life forever. Long story short: I had just mounted my horse when I fell off, landed on something […]