Camp Photos

This post is dedicated to sharing some of the memories we had on camp in a series of photos. If you would like to read some more about what we did, take a look at my post Summer Camp 2014.

Dorm photo
Big ball game
Chilling with friends during free time
My sister Jessica (left) and her friend Michelle
Discussing the message on Inner Beauty with my dorm
My good friend Nestor was baptised at Summer Camp 2014 after being saved at Summer Camp 2013
Quiet Time in God’s Word
Someone saw the camera
Dylan (left) took my phone and managed to take about 300 photos before I realised it was missing. This is a selfie of himself and his brother Bob.
IMG_1624 (1)
When they realised that a photo was being taken of them
IMG_1660 (1)
“Well that was exhausting!”


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  1. It looks lovely AJ! Thanks for sharing. Loved your previous post of briefing also! Its an inspiration to see how you are honest and open about struggles and mistakes and then your willingness to change your heart to what God wants.

    Many blessings for this year and looking forward to continue the journey with you as you enter the new phases of being ‘student’!!

    Kind regards

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