Big News for AJ

I have finally decided what I want to do next year and so it is with great excitement that I announce that I will be… Going to BBISA in 2015

This year I am completing my AS Levels (Grade 12) through Cambridge and so next year I will be attending BBISA. BBISA, which stands for the Berean Bible Institute of South Africa, is associated with my church Sandton Bible Church. It is a year-long program for students who want to get a grounding in the Bible and ministry before they continue with whatever the Lord leads them to. I’m sure that many of you who know me personally have heard me discussing this before and I have always planned to go, I just wasn’t sure if I’d do it in 2015 or 2016. I have made friends with many of the students from previous years and this year my parents (Andrew and Tracy) are both mentoring a student each so I know that it is an excellent programme. It will be a big step for me because not only will I be attending class each day but I will be living away from home 4 nights per week. I have decided to dive into this headfirst and join the Discipleship Training Centre (DTC) programme that runs in conjunction with BBISA. This means that I will be staying at the WOLZA (Word of Life South Africa) property with some my fellow students and partaking in a few extra ministry and service related activities. I made this decision after talking with my parents, DTC students and a few other trusted people that are involved with the programme. It will be a new and very different area to what I am used to after being homeschooled my whole life, but it will be good for me and I am thankful that my parents are so willing to release me for this and have always prepared me to follow God’s leading.

I have been supported by many different people in many ways since before I was even a teenager, and they have left me with a financial reserve. This money and any support that comes through in the remainder of the year will be used towards the costs affiliated with attending BBISA. 


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