About Me

Hi, my name is AJ. I am 20 years old and the oldest of five children. Andrew and Tracy are our parents who have homeschooled all of us since birth. I have been raised in a Christian home and accepted Christ as my Saviour when I was just 6 years old. Both my parents have always encouraged me to serve and helped me to volunteer as much as I can. I enjoy going on short term missions trips, counseling at holiday bible clubs and on church camps and running the admin for my youth group and Reckless Abandon Ministries (where I also contribute by writing). Right now I am a student, studying at SATS (South African Theological Seminary) where I am getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Theology (BTh). It is my desire to go into full-time ministry if God wills.

My blog name is based on Matthew 16:24 where Jesus tells His disciples that if they wish to follow Him they must deny themselves, take up their crosses and follow Him. This is the true cost of discipleship. I am not very good at denying myself but I aim to make all that I do glorifying to God (1 Corinthians 10:31), although I do not often succeed in this path I am grateful that God’s mercies are new each morning  (Lamentations 3:22-23) and He is willing to continue working in me to make me more like Him.

On this blog, you will find material from when I was young, not all of it is very good but I have chosen to keep it up because I believe it shows a fuller picture of who I am and how I have grown. I am definitely not perfect and I do not wish you to think I believe that when I write. However, I believe it is good to say things with conviction. Much of my writing comes out as strong because I am telling myself that I need to learn a particular lesson. If you happen to learn one too, I am thankful that God allowed me to be used in this way. My writing comes from lessons I am learning, discussions I have recently had with others, books I am reading, my studies and life experience. I hope you enjoy.

Feel free to Contact Me, follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook page. I love questions and encourage comments.